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Asset Realty, LLC and its Pipeline Platform Software/Service (Pipeline CRM) strives to keep Real Estate Agents legally compliant
Last Updated on Sep 27th, 2021
1. Introduction
The purpose for Real Estate Agents to use Pipeline Platform CRM is to create a time-saving tool, as
well as to keep Real Estate Agents legally compliant.
2. Pipeline CRM Dialer Compliance
Asset Realty continually updates the phone tool (Dialer System) to comply with all regulations from
TCPA, FTC, FCC, and other agencies.
  • The Dialer System requires human intervention, to use the Dialer System, and to
    make each dial; it cannot, and does not, dial on its own.
  • The Dialer System cannot store, or produce, telephone numbers, using a random, or
    sequential, number generator.
  • The Dialer System only has the capacity to make one (1) phone call at a time.
  • ​The Dialer System requires that the Real Estate Agent, who is making the call, be
    present, on the phone line, for each phone number, which is being dialed.
  • ​The Dialer System has no ability to send a text or SMS.
2a. National DNC Registry Compliance
  • All phone numbers that are added by Pipeline, that are on the National DNC registry,
    are labeled DNC the first time they are uploaded to the Real Estate Agent's Pipeline
  • Based on the intent of the phone call, at the beginning of each dial session, the Real
    Estate Agents must choose whether to include or exclude numbers on the National
    DNC registry.
2b. DNC Compliant Reference Links:
2c. Robocalls and DNC Registry Reference Links:
3. Pipeline CRM Compliance
Pipeline Platform continually updates the Pipeline CRM to comply with all guidelines and
regulations.  They include many of the following:
3a. Email Compliance with Can-Spam Act
  • When Real Estate Agents import data to their Pipeline account, they are first prompted with a reminder of the guidelines and regulations.
  • The Real Estate Agents are then prompted to flag a contact that has 'opted-in' to
    their email list. Anyone that has not opted in will be excluded from email, text and
    telemarketing campaigns.
  • When Real Estate Agents export from their Pipeline CRM account, they are again
    reminded of the guidelines and must agree to them before exporting contacts.
  • ​We provide Real Estate Agents with information regarding the various acts and
3b. Can-Spam Compliance Guide Reference Links
3c. Texting Compliance with Can-Spam Act
  • Real Estate Agents are reminded to only Text “opted-in” customers.
3d. Can-Spam Compliance Guide and Spam Texting Reference Links
4. Pipeline Real Estate Compliance
Asset Realty and Pipeline CRM strongly recommends that Real Estate Agents comply with all the
Rules and Regulations for:
  • State Licenses
  • Realtor Standard of Practice Code of Ethics
  • MLS and State Board Rules and Regulations
4a. Real Estate Compliance Reference Links
5. Legal Statutes and Regulations
Asset Realty, Pipeline Platform and the Pipeline CRM strongly recommends that Real Estate Agents
read, study, and familiarize themselves with the following Statutes and Regulations:
6. Asset Realty and Pipeline Platform Contact Information
Please send all written correspondence to:
Asset Realty, LLC   DBA  Pipeline Platform
121 Lake Street South #201, Kirkland, Washington 98033
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